Application Description Part Number Ref. Number
NISSAN Hub Unit 512014 43BWK01B
NISSAN Hub Unit 512016 HUB042-32
NISSAN Hub Unit 512025 27BWK04J
NISSAN Wheel Bearing DAC35680233/30 DAC3568W-6
NISSAN Wheel Bearing DAC37720437 633531B,562398A,IR-8088,GB12131S03,
NISSAN Wheel Bearing DAC38740036/33 514002,
NISSAN Wheel Bearing DAC38740050 559192,IR-8651,DE0892
NISSAN Drive Shaft Center Support 37521-01W25 HB1280-20
NISSAN Drive Shaft Center Support 37521-32G25 HB1280-40
NISSAN Clutch release bearing 30502-03E24 FCR62-11/2E
NISSAN Clutch release bearing 30502-52A00 FCR48-12/2E
NISSAN Clutch release bearing 30502-M8000 FCR62-5/2E
NISSAN Pulley & Tensioner 1307001M00 VKM 72000
NISSAN Pulley & Tensioner 1307016A01 VKM 72300
NISSAN Pulley & Tensioner 1307754A00 VKM 82302

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